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Jukebox for Winamp is the hottest add-on for the great Winamp media player!  Our software is converting thousands of old, unused PCs from all over the world into dedicated, state-of-the-art, digital jukeboxes for home audio stereo systems.  

Jukebox for Winamp is the ideal MP3 software package for anyone setting up a MP3 jukebox for their home audio stereo system.  Our software interface was specifically designed to be used with a home entertainment based PC and to be viewed on a TV screen.  Our software, unlike most other PC based jukebox software, is actually readable on a TV screen from across the room.  

Another advantage is that our software also gives you full program control without the need for keyboard input.  It's Alpha Index Bar and the it's On-Screen Keyboards make it fully operational with just a point-and-click device.  You get fast, powerful, music database search capabilities without the need for keyboard input!  

Our software also allows you to take advantage of the hundreds of FREE visual and sound processing plug-in which are available for Winamp.  The visual Winamp plug-ins look spectacular on a large television.  And the DSP (digital sound processing) plug-ins allow you to customize the sound to your own personal preferences.


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Jukebox for Winamp
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List of Features:

  • Full Winamp Plug-In Functionality - since our software is a front-end controller and Winamp continues to be your media player, all plug-ins still work exactly as they always have.  Visual plug-ins can be started and stopped with the "VIS F/X" button on the main screen.
  • Winamp Skin Support - continue to use your favorite classic skins, just as you always have.
  • Automatically loads Winamp when started.
  • Easily switch between Winamp and Jukebox for Winamp when desired.  Both are minimized to the system tray for easy access and Jukebox for Winamp can be loaded automatically on computer start-up.
  • MP3 Database Builder - automatically scans your hard drive and builds your MP3 database file.  Will attempt to determine Artist and Title from the filename if there is no ID3 tag.
  • Album Cover and Picture Slideshow Feature - supports an unlimited number of pictures that can be displayed.  Pictures may be associated with a specific artist or album.  Auto slideshow mode has a user defined time delay.
  • Radio Station Scanning and Random Play - automatically loads a random list of active SHOUTcast radio stations and will automatically scan stations when in Intro Mode.  Bookmarking is integrated to allow easy saving and loading of favorite radio stations.
  • Intro Scan - will play a user defined number of seconds of a song or a radio station and then advance to the next song or radio station.  Great for scanning radio stations or random songs from your MP3 DB file.
  • DB Random Play - will continuously play random songs from your MP3 database file.
  • Full Winamp Control and Functionality - play, pause, stop, next, previous, volume, shuffle play, repeat play, equalizer, and playlist controls. 
  • Artists, Albums, Genre, and Year Database Capabilities - buttons on the main screen give you quick and easy access to all the songs in whatever category you desire.
  • Alpha Index Bar - gives you quick access to artists, albums, genre, and songs.
  • One-Click Category Loading - right-click any category in the upper listbox and all the songs in that category are automatically loaded.  No need to load all of the songs individually.  Can load songs in albums in original track sequence.
  • Find Song Feature - quickly finds all songs that contain specified keyword(s).
  • Full Playlist Control - show, save, load, and clear playlist control buttons are accessible from the main screen. 
  • Song Details Screen - gives you all the details of a selected song with linked database access to all the songs in any category displayed for that song.
  • Auto Scrolling Song Info Box  - displays artist, song, song length, sample rate, and bit rate of playing song.
  • Song Progress Bar - gives you random song position access simply by clicking the song position that you wish to go to.
  • Volume Percentage Display - with quick control clickable bar.
  • Time Played/ Time Left toggle display.
  • Visual Plug-in Toggle on/off button. 
  • On Screen Keyboards and Alpha Index Bar - gives you full functionality without the need for keyboard input when using a Mouse Remote, if desired. 
  • Windowshade Mode - when you need your space.


Featured Plug-in

4 out of 5 Stars 

Jukebox for Winamp
MP3 Player Software

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Special Limited Time Offer! 
Free $15 Gift Certificate for the X10 Mouse Remote!

For a limited time only!  Purchase Jukebox for Winamp software and receive a free $15 Gift Certificate from  It may be used for the X10 Mouse Remote shown above or just about anything else at  

The X10 Mouse Remote is not required to use our software, but it functions well as a wireless mouse remote.  Click below to see other jukebox hardware suggestions.

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